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“Decoding Rice Roots” – work by Frank Linam published in UDaily

“Keeping arsenic out of rice” by Carolyn Beans. PNAS Front Matter.

“Some food contamination starts in the soil” by Kaine Korzekwa.

“An eco-friendly approach to reducing arsenic in rice”

Publications by Seyfferth and the Seyfferth lab

Publication where Seyfferth is corresponding author; Seyfferth as last author on these papers indicates her role as senior author where her lab members are lead authors.

Undergraduate student *Graduate Student; **Postdoc; Names in bold represent members of the Seyfferth lab

Hu, R.*, Limmer, M.A.**, Seyfferth A.L. How manganese affects rice cadmium uptake and translocation in vegetative and mature plants. Plant and Soil, 2024, In Press.

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